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Mon, Aug 18, 2014
Salesforce and Microsoft CRM Dynamics are both great solutions but when considering ‘generic’ CRM systems, it is easy to think that they are the only “CRM systems” available to UK charities, which of course is not the case: there are dozens of similar(ish) systems on the market – and there are of course fundraising database packages. That said, there are some CRM systems which are either more oriented towards the NFP sector or where a supplier has specifically created modules for charities, or where one or more business partners have taken the sector seriously enough to have made an impact [...]
Mon, Aug 11, 2014
There is no doubt that the adoption of the generic CRM systems like Salesforce and Dynamics is increasing amongst charities and NFPs. But in comparison to the commercial sector we are still learning about the use of them. And in comparison to traditional fundraising databases (Raiser’s Edge, thankQ et al) we still know less about them. Consequently, although there are definite benefits which the CRM systems bring, there may still be issues which we don’t yet know about.Bring on the iceberg…My iceberg theory…The fundraising database packages have of course been around for many years. Many organisations have implemented them, many [...]
Mon, Jul 21, 2014
Over the years, there have been many promises about how we would need less and less training on our new fundraising and CRM systems, but in my experience, most new database implementations still require a fair amount of training. So why is that?(First things first: there are whole books and thesis written about the best way to provide training on IT systems, so I have considered this blog post for just a few top level points – if you want to dig down further into the area then there is plenty more reading out there.)We do have to remember that [...]
Mon, Jul 14, 2014
“We want a 360 degree view of our supporters,” or “We can offer you a 360 degree view of your supporters” are much-loved expressions these days. By charities and by CRM vendors. And when it’s said, everyone nods their head earnestly and agrees, Yes, that’s exactly what we need. And why wouldn’t you? It sounds great! But does everyone really understand what they mean by a 360 degree view? It may sound simple/obvious (?) but is it really?Let’s have a look at a few definitions I found with a quick online search:

Experian: “A 360 degree customer view gives a full [...]

Mon, Jul 07, 2014
This is a very common question I am asked: When I get a new database, should I change my processes to match the database and how it works, or should I make the database change to meet our processes? My views have actually changed on this over the last ten years and my own beliefs are now as follows:First, It Depends… First, there are a few “it depends” factors in this answer; the most important being:
Why your current processes are as they are. In my experience, there are three common answers when I ask “why do you do process X [...]

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