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Mon, Sep 01, 2014
Start line

One long standing question with every CRM procurement process is, Who should we invite to tender for our project? You might well know some companies who you want to invite, but there may well be others you have heard about, researched or you are interested enough in them that you want to know more – but (probably) the last thing you want to do is to invite ten or twelve different suppliers to do long software presentations and answer even a medium length ITT document. Apart from anything, if you tell a supplier that they are one of twelve you [...]

Tue, Aug 26, 2014
Time Jumper

For some reason, when users request integration it often seems to have to be “real-time” integration. This may just be because ‘real-time’ is a bit of a buzzword, or because it is used without really being fully understood, or it may be because someone (a salesperson?!) once told them they simply had to have this… But if you quiz them more deeply then I would suspect that very few applications which charities run have to truly be “real time”.
And the reason that is important is because real-time = really more complex and expensive.First off, it is worth defining real-time [...]

Mon, Aug 18, 2014
2010 - April - 25 - NodeXL - Twitter - crm betweenness color

Salesforce and Microsoft CRM Dynamics are both great solutions but when considering ‘generic’ CRM systems, it is easy to think that they are the only “CRM systems” available to UK charities, which of course is not the case: there are dozens of similar(ish) systems on the market – and there are of course fundraising database packages. That said, there are some CRM systems which are either more oriented towards the NFP sector or where a supplier has specifically created modules for charities, or where one or more business partners have taken the sector seriously enough to have made an impact [...]

Mon, Aug 11, 2014
Antarctic Iceberg

There is no doubt that the adoption of the generic CRM systems like Salesforce and Dynamics is increasing amongst charities and NFPs. But in comparison to the commercial sector we are still learning about the use of them. And in comparison to traditional fundraising databases (Raiser’s Edge, thankQ et al) we still know less about them. Consequently, although there are definite benefits which the CRM systems bring, there may still be issues which we don’t yet know about.Bring on the iceberg…My iceberg theory…The fundraising database packages have of course been around for many years. Many organisations have implemented them, many [...]

Mon, Jul 21, 2014
LPA Class-Web Design-Dan May_6

Over the years, there have been many promises about how we would need less and less training on our new fundraising and CRM systems, but in my experience, most new database implementations still require a fair amount of training. So why is that?(First things first: there are whole books and thesis written about the best way to provide training on IT systems, so I have considered this blog post for just a few top level points – if you want to dig down further into the area then there is plenty more reading out there.)We do have to remember that [...]

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