Shareware & Freeware


Shareware is software that is either totally free (known as 'freeware') or significantly cheaper (in comparison) than recognised commercial products of the same ilk. Freeware is completely free; Shareware you 'try before you buy' and if you want to continue to use it then you pay a small registration fee.

Note that some shareware is downloaded in "Zip" format and you will need zip software to unzip it. Windows XP comes with such software, otherwise try WinZip or PKZip or StuffIt.

Specific Shareware packages
Note: Because of their nature, shareware products do come and go, prices change and web sites are likely to change or disappear. We try to keep this list updated but if you do find any links which are no longer active, please do
let us know.

Access Databases/Utilities
Provider Product Name Notes Cost *
AAD Consulting Various, eg: Meeting Tracker, Filter Add-in, Client/Contact Database, Subscriptions database   Free
Cyber Matrix Database compactor   US$ 20

Business Intelligence / Statistical Analysis Software
Gephi Interactive visualisation and exploration platform   Free
Google Analytics Web analytics   Free
SigmaXL Pareto Pro US US$ 49
StatsPages.net Various Lists loads of free & shareware Stats software for Windows, Mac and DOS Free

Collection Management Software
Greenstone Greenstone software Suite of software for building and distributing digital library collections Free (Open Source)
imgSeek imgSeek Open source (GPL) photo collection manager and viewer Free (Open Source)
PrimaSoft Organizer Deluxe US US$ 65

Contact Management Software
Breme Software Breme Address Book UK 12
EuroSmartz SalesSmartz UK US$ 49 - $99
Chaos Software Time & Chaos US US$ 45
Contact Plus Contact Plus US US$ 100
SFC SFC UK Free (Donationware)
X2Net X2Net Smart Address UK US$ 50

Data Conversion Tools
Beside Company Import Wizard US US$ 149

Email Mail Merge Software
Buzz Soft SoftBulkEmail 1 Standard Edition
Email mail merge software for the PC Free

Fundraising & Membership Software
CiviCRM CiviCRM US Open Source
ebase ebase US - for Windows & Macs (Filemaker Pro) Free
Fundraiser Software FundRaiser Basic/Select US US$ 89+
Software4NonProfits.com DONATION US US$50 - $100

'Grant Application' software
Funder Finder Apply Yourselves UK - Helps you write a grant application Free

Mapping Software
FreeMappingSoftware.org List of free mapping software    
MySociety.org MaPit UK Open Source data

Office Software
Ability Plus Software Ability Office UK (Windows & Linux) MS Office compatible 20 - 70
Open Office Open Office Windows, Linux, Solaris (Open Source, MS Office compatible) Free

PDF (Adobe Acrobat) File Creation
PDF995 PDF995   Free
Software 602 Print2PDF   US$ 40

Text Message Software
Buzz Soft SoftMessage 1 Standard Edition
Send Text Messages from PC to Mobile Phone Free



* Price Note. These are exc. VAT, and guidelines only.