Do You Want to Donate a PC to Charity?


Do you want to donate a PC to charity? Great - thank you! The following sections give guidelines as to how you can do it and what charities generally want.

(Oh, and a polite request: here at IT For Charities we don't recycle PCs ourselves and sadly we can't advise on which charities want computers. So rather than phone us, please do use the suggestions below. Thanks!)

Donating your PC

How Can I donate my PC?

There are many organisations who recycle PCs. We suggest you contact one of them and arrange to give it to them. They will then make sure it works well, wipe all old data off it (very important!), replace any non-working parts, often add basic software and try to find a new home for it. You can find a list of organisations who recycle PCs here. (If you would like to see more information on what is recommended for charities to consider when receiving a used PC, click here).

However, if there are no recycling organisations near you, or you cannot find an organisation who will take your equipment, then you can donate your old computers online at: DonateAPC.org.uk. This is a free 'matchmaking' service where you can list your old IT equipment, and charities can contact you if they would find the computer useful. It is not just for PCs, but printers, hubs, scanners, CD drives, even fax machines and photo-copiers!

What sort of computers are useful for charities?

In general, if your computer is older than a Pentium PC then it is unlikely that a charity will be able to use it. Most charities want to be able to run as uptodate software as possible and that needs newer computers. (This isn't a strict rule, just a guideline).

I have a Macintosh - would a charity want that?

There aren't many organisations who recycled Macs. Check the list on our recycled PCs page or alternatively, use DonateAPC.org.uk.